Project Upgrade DDW/DEQ Loan

Updated: 03/2020


30-YEAR LOAN #3F138

LDWA continues to pay down the principal of the “Project Upgrade” DDW/DEQ #3F138 Loan      
WITHOUT charging additional fees or increasing rates to Shareholders.   

As of Jan 15, 2020, we have paid $667,000 off the original principal amount of $1,104,000.00, with current balance due $437,000.00.  

The additional principal payments paid toward the loan have reduced the 30-year term loan payoff by more than 10 years.  This could not have been achieved without the steady leadership of LDWA’s Board, budgeting annually with monthly oversight of LDWA’s expenditures and income. 

We fully expect this loan will be paid in full no later than 2025.

The LDWA Board and Staff are proud of this major achievement on behalf of all Shareholders.

DDW LOAN # 3F138 WorkSheet