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Financials – Budgets

Updated: 03/2024


The Leeds Domestic Waterusers Association
Financials & Budgets

2013 – Present* (*once year is completed)


The LDWA is classified as a § 501(c)(12) organization, which according to the IRS website is classified as:
Benevolent Life Insurance Associations, Mutual Ditch or Irrigation Companies, Mutual or Cooperative Telephone Companies, or Like Organizations (if 85 percent or more of the organization’s income consists of amounts collected from members for the sole purpose of meeting losses and expenses)

Financial Information
Leeds Domestic Waterusers Associations follows all fiscal management rules and regulations provided by the State of Utah. As such, all financial decisions, acquisitions, and transactions are fully transparent and budgets and bond issues are approved by the Board, in accordance to the Associations ByLaws. Annual audits, loans and bond disclosures/updates are also performed and provided to the public as well. You may review these documents below.

The Basics of Budgeting for a Non-Profit Organization


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The remainer of this Loan has been rolled into the New Project Infrastructure Loan.  DDW LOAN # 3F138 WorkSheet

On August 31, 2022, the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) Board met and authorized a loan of $7,519,500, with $3,499,500 principal forgiveness to LDWA for drilling a new well, installing a chlorinator, installing an altitude control valve and vault, replacing 4,500 feet of water main and transmission line replacement.  The loan terms offered to the LDWA are forty (40) years, at an annual Interest Rate of 0%. DDW LOAN #3F1892 WorkSheet