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Water Conservation

Updated: 10/2023

Water conservation is a top priority given that Washington County is one of the fastest growing and driest regions in Utah.  In response to the increasing demands and concerns pertaining to water resources throughout the State of Utah, the state legislature has passed and revised the Water Conservation Plan Act (House Bill 71 and Section 73-10-32 UCA). This act requires agencies with more than 500 water service connections to prepare and submit a water conservation plan to the Division of Water Resources. The act also stipulates that the plans be updated no less than every 5 years.  Although at this time the LDWA has only 409 connections, we recognizes the importance of conservation especially during a period where the region is experiencing drought conditions, that we are updating our plans. 

The below LDWA Water Conservation Plan has been prepared to address the concerns of leaders and citizens of both the Town of Leeds and the state of Utah. 
Feel free to visit and review some additional informative resource sites.

LDWA Water Concervation Plan
[Res: 2022-04]

  Water Conservation Plan Act
[House Bill 71 and Section 73-10-32 UCA]

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System for Leeds Creek, Utah

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